Dining Menu


Antipasto Freddo

Marinated mushrooms, mixed olives, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, and cherry peppers topped with cured meats and the chefs choice of cheeses over a bed of baby greens
Add Italian Tuna or Anchovies for an additional cost

Zuppa Di Casa

Sauteed shrimp, little necks, and mussels with marinated tomatoes finished in a white wine garlic sauce seasoned with crushed red pepper and a dash or marinara served with garlic bread

Rabe Di Casa

Sauteed shrimp, broccoli Rabi and roasted peppers finished in a spicy garlic & oil sauce

Parmigiana Di Braciolettini

Rolled eggplant stuffed with spinach ricotta topped with mozzarella baked to perfection in a marinara sauce


Oven-roasted bread brushed with garlic & extra virgin olive oil topped with marinated tomatoes, and fresh mozzarella seasoned with basil, oil, & Romano cheese

Garlic Bread

Oven-roasted bread seasoned with herbs, garlic and Romano cheese finished in basil and oil